ICS 2010 VOL 19 NO 2

Khisu Beom

Face Threatening/Supporting Strategies in Korean and American TV Presidential Debates: A Cultural Comparative Study pdf

Pisa Purhonen
Perceptions of Representatives of SMEs and Intermediary Organizations Concerning Collaborative Relationships in SME Internationalization pdf

Lin Tao
Politeness in Chinese and Japanese Verbal Communication pdf

Yoshinori Nishijima
Perspectives in Routine Formulas: A Contrastive Analysis of Japanese and German pdf

John Christopher Foster
At the Edge of Language and Certitude: The Construction of Cultural Identity within the Context of Globalization pdf

Tina Ottman & Lisa Rogers
Culture and Conflict in Academic Organizations: A Comparative Field Analysis of Two Disputes in Japan pdf

Carolyn Kyyhkynen Lee
Community Collaboration: Engaging a Diverse Community the Kumiai Way pdf

Yuxin Jia & Changyuan Liu
Listening as an Indispensible Access to Dialogues Among Cultures pdf

Rukhsana Ahmed & Benjamin R. Bates
Assessing the Relationship between Patients’ Ethnocentric Views and Patients’ Perceptions of Physicians’ Cultural Competence in Health Care Interactions pdf

Xiaoshi Li & Chang Pu
Promoting Intercultural Competence in Chinese Heritage Language Education pdf

Yuko Iwata
Pragmatic Failure in Topic Choice, Topic Development, and Self-Disclosure by Japanese EFL Speakers pdf

Yuka Shigemitsu
Speakership Holding and its Termination Cues in Japanese Conversation pdf

Charles McHugh, Koji Uenishi, & Liping Li
Nakama Consciousness and Social Behavior Reported by Adult Japanese Males and Females pdf

Sherry Jett Barnes
Introduction of the Intercultural Development Inventory to a Long-Term Study of Student Journals in an Undergraduate Intercultural Communication Course pdf

Ron Martin, Jacob Schmickel, & Yuka Maruyama
A Possible Selves Analysis: Japanese University Students in a Study Abroad Program pdf

Song Wang, Xiujie Sun, & Changyuan Liu
Intercultural Analysis of Communication Anxieties Encountered by International Students in the United States pdf

Wenli Yuan
Investigating International Student Perceptions of Adjustment through Q Methodology pdf

Etsuko Yamada
Reflection to the Development of Criticality: An Empirical Study of Beginners’ Japanese Language Courses as a British University pdf

Howard Doyle
Interpreting and Intercultural Communication Aspects of a Haiku-in-English Competition pdf

XiaoYan Li & Katsuhiro Umemoto
Toward an Integrated Approach to Teaching Japanese Language and Culture: A Knowledge Perspective pdf

Yowei Kang & Kenneth C. C. Yang
Incorporating Cultural Factors in Understanding Challenges Facing Composition Pedagogy for Cross-Cultural Students using Online Videogame Technologies pdf