ICS 2016 VOL 25 NO 1

Cover Page pdf

Content List pdf

Preface pdf

Robert W. Vaagan
Communication Across Cultures, Time and Space: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Robert N. St. Clair, President, IAICS, 2013-2015 pdf

Guo-Ming Chen
Zhong (Centrality), Self-Competence and Social/Communication Competence: A Chinese Perspective pdf

Jia Yuxin & Jia Xuelai
The Anthropocosmic Perspective on Intercultural Communication: Learning to be Global Citizens is Learning to be Human pdf

Ling Chen
Learning the Culture of a People: Chinese Communication as an Example pdf

Nobuyuki Honna
English as a Multicultural Language in Asia and its Pedagogical Implications: A Case Study of Japan’s ELT pdf

Yuko Takeshita
The Significance of Intercultural Communication Management (ICM) as Viewed by Japanese University Students pdf

Margaret U. D’Silva, Siobhan E. Smith, Lindsay J. Della, Deborah A. Potter, Theresa A. Rajack-Talley, & Latrica Best
Reflexivity and Positionality in Researching African American Communities: Lessons from the Field pdf

Mao Sihui
A Fabulous Speck: Oriental Imaginaries of Macao as the Veiled Other in Post-WWII Western Cinema pdf

Maria Lebedko
Time Talks: Anthropocentrism of Time across Russian and American Cultures pdf

Joanna Radwańska-Williams
Iconicity in Pushkin’s Poem Winter Evening pdf

Robert W. Vaagan
Moscow as the Main Heroine in Pasternak’s Novel Doctor Zhivago? pdf

Priscilla L. Young
Teaching Meaning and Finding Meaning in Life in China pdf

Sarah Corona Berkin
The City: An Inverse Outlook pdf

Ana C. T. Williams
Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence in Portuguese through Skype and Facebook pdf

Wang Ning
Cinematic Cultural Diffusion: American and Chinese Films pdf

Lars Rinsdorf, Alper Kirklar, Nikolaj Christensen, Nusta Nina, & Robert W. Vaagan
The European Media Cloud Campus (EMCC) Project pdf

Appendix. The Select Bibliography of Professor Robert N. St. Clair pdf