ICS 2010 VOL 19 NO 1

Guo-Ming Chen

The Impact of Intercultural Sensitivity on Ethnocentrism and Intercultural Communication Apprehension pdf

Dominique Gendrin
Relational Interdependent Self-Construal, Imagined Interactions, and Conversational Constraints among Vietnamese Americans pdf

Chih-Yun Chiang
Diasporic Theorizing Paradigm on Cultural Identity pdf

Ana Horta
The Portuguese and Europe: Media Construction of a Complex Relationship pdf

Trisha T. C. Lin & Phoebe Shu Wei Tan
How Cultural and Linguistic Pluralism Shape Humor: Social Construction of Singapore’s Humor Industry pdf

Dienfang Chou
Exploring the Meaning of Yaoi in Taiwan for Female Readers: From the Perspective of Gender pdf

Chunying Yue
A Proposed Approach for Successful Cloning of Foreign TV Shows in China pdf

Wichian Lattipongpun
The Origins of the Olympic Games’ Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Artistic Creativity and Communication pdf

Vivian Sheer
Transformational and Paternalistic Leaderships in Chinese Organizations: Construct, Predictive, and Ecological Validities Compared in a Hong Kong Sample pdf

Wenbo Liang
Intersection between Culture and Leadership: An Analysis of Chinese Leadership Assumptions in an American Study Group pdf

Chen Erchun
“Harmonious and Integrated Culture” and the Building and Communication of China’s National Image pdf

Zhang Shengyong
The Perception of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission toward China and Its Influence on Sino-U.S. Relations pdf

Maria Lebedko
Tackling Ethnic Stereotypes in an Intercultural Communication Course pdf

Stephanie Houghton
Managing Stereotypes through Experiential Learning pdf

Susan Meiki
A Topic-Based Syllabus for a Cross-Cultural Communication Course: The Case of a University in Japan pdf

Stephen B. Ryan
Bringing Cultural Background Knowledge to the Surface to Better Understand Cross-Cultural Conflict in Specific Contexts pdf

Habib Soleimani & Abbass Eslami Rasekh
Transferability of Writing through Languages: A Study of English and Persian pdf

Rachael Ruegg
Interlanguage Development: The Effect of Unfocused Feedback on L2 Writing pdf