ICS 2016 VOL 25 NO 3

Cover Page pdf

Content List pdf

Preface pdf

Justin C. Velten & Carley H. Dodd
The Effects of Intercultural Communication Competency-Based Instruction on Intercultural Communication Competence pdf

Don Snow
Affective Factors and Interpretive Judgments in Intercultural Encounters pdf

Xiaoshu Zhu & Dianjun Gao
“You Can Never Go Home Again” — A Study of Chinese Returnees’ Reentry Adaptation Process pdf

Yang Soo Kim & Young Yun Kim
Ethnic Proximity and Cross-Cultural Adaptation: A Study of Asian and European Students in the United States pdf

Yang Soo Kim
Multiculturalism and Interethnic Communication in Korea: An Examination of the Context-Behavior Factors pdf

Vincent (Tzu-Wen) Cheng
Radical Equity: A Case Study of the Use of Chinese Third-Person Pronouns in Taiwan’s Third Grade Social Studies Textbooks pdf

Adrian J. Davis
Social Work Undergraduates’ Impressions of Content-based Language Teaching pdf

Lin Tao, Sumi Yoon & Yoshinori Nishijima
Teinei (丁寧), Limao (禮貌), and Kongson (恭遜): A Comparison of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Concepts of Politeness pdf

Yoshinori Nishijima
Different Strategies in Apologetic Situations: A Contrastive Analysis of Functionally Equivalent Routine Formulas in Japanese and German pdf

Hairong Feng, Weiqing Zhang, Weiqing Huang & Sooyeon Hong
A Mediation Model of Giving Advice Intention across Two Cultures pdf

Uttaran Dutta
Adivasi Media in India: Relevance in Representing Marginalized Voices pdf

Dapeng Wang & Chunying Yue
Research on the Usage of Social Media in Taiwan Region’s Political Campaigns and Elections pdf

Li Li
Construction of China’s National Image through Translation: Problems and Solutions pdf

Takuya Sakurai
The Expressive Dimensions of Folk Performing Arts: A Gebserian Approach to Kagura pdf

Xiangyang Zhang
Language as a Reflection of Culture: On the Cultural Characteristics of Chinese and English Proverbs pdf

Xue Wu
Disgrace of Boundaries: On Daoism in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace pdf

Jing He
Through the Looking Glass: Female Identity Rediscovery in Chen Ran’s and Amy Tan’s Fictions pdf

Li Chaoyuan
Review on Language Studies & Globalization pdf