ICS 2003 VOL 12 NO 2

Nobuyuki Honna & Bates Hoffer
A Dedication to Professor L. Brooks Hill pdf

H. Wayland Cummings
Symbol Systems: A metaphor for understanding communication in cultural settings (pp.1-8) pdf

Blaine Goss
Hearing from the Deaf Culture (pp.9-24) pdf

Moya Ball
Through Children’s Eyes: Political Socialization, Images of the President, and Rhetorical Strategies In Children’s Letters to Lyndon B. Johnson (pp.25-42) pdf

Lynda Dee Dixon
Interactions between Native American Women and Their White Male Doctor: The Stages of a Health Care Visit at a Public Health Facility (pp.43-58) pdf

David H. Dobkins & Jane Roberts
Age, Gender and Ethnicity as Predictors of Communication Style Preference for Physical Therapists (pp.59-68) pdf

Carley H. Dodd
Cultural Values and Interpersonal Similarity Influencing September 11 Emotions and Crisis Information Diffusion (pp.69-82) pdf

Mitch Javidi
Collaborative Change Management: A Systematic Approach (pp.83-92) pdf

Bernd Kupka & William R. Kennan
Toward a Theory Based Approach for Intercultural Communication Training (pp.93-110) pdf

Paul N. Lakey
Acculturation: a Review of the Literature (pp.111-126) pdf

Larry W. Long
Mapping Organizational Culture: An Integration of Communication and Organizational Design (pp.127-142) pdf

Michael G. Parkinson & L. Marie Parkinson
Constitutional Mythology in the United States: The Arguments Against Public Relations Licensing Refuted (pp.143-158) pdf

Donald E. Phillips
Virtual Reality and the Languages of Technology (pp.159-172) pdf

Steven B. Pratt
Confessions of a Road Man: Being an Indian in Academe (pp.173-179) pdf