ICS 2011 VOL 20 NO 1

Patrice M. Buzzanell
Interrogating Culture pdf

Sun Youzhong
Intercultural Communication and Global Democracy: A Deweyan Perspective pdf

Viv Edwards
Globalization and Multilingualism: The Case of the UK pdf

D. Ray Heisey
Iranian Perspectives on Communication in an Age of Globalization pdf

Molefi Kete Asante
‘Maat’ and Human Communication: Supporting Identity, Culture, and History without Global Domination pdf

Jens Loenhoff
Tacit Knowledge in Intercultural Communication pdf

Erich A. Berendt & Keiko Tanita
The ‘Heart’ of Things: A Conceptual Metaphoric Analysis of Heart and Related Body Parts in Thai, Japanese and English pdf

Jia Xuerui & Liu Aihua
Chinese Cultural Identities Revisited: Reflections upon the Discourse Organization in Chinese English Abstract Writing pdf

Judy Yoneoka
The Importance of Language Negotiation in Initial Intercultural Encounters: The Case of the Service Industry Employee pdf

Gu Xiao-le
The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Instructions on Request Strategies pdf

Jill Clark & Trish Baker
“It’s Not Fair!” Cultural Attitudes to Social Loafing in Ethnically Diverse Groups pdf

Wenli Yuan
Academic and Cultural Experiences of Chinese Students at an American University: A Qualitative Study pdf

Hsiu-Ching Ko & Mu-Li Yang
The Effects of Cross-cultural Training on Expatriate Assignments pdf

Han Xiaohui & Song Li
Teacher Cognition of Intercultural Communicative Competence in the Chinese ELT Context pdf

Liu Cheng
A Review of Overseas Research on Confucius Institutes to Inform Future Development pdf

Thoranit Lisasetthakui & An Ran
A Study on the Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the International Chinese Volunteer Teachers in Thailand pdf

Tao Yuanke
An Approach to the Communication Principle Adopted in the Design of Definition Discourse in a New-Type English-Chinese Learner’s Dictionary pdf

Xu Lingna & Dai Zeyu
Regaining the Sense of Being a Shanghainese: A Study of the Revival of Art Deco as an Apparatus of Cultural Memory from an Intercultural Perspective pdf