ICS 2008 VOL 17 NO 4

Guo-Ming Chen

Bian (Change): A Perpetual Discourse of I Ching pdf

Ling Chen & Kat Cheung
Management of Intercultural Conflict: A Preliminary Study of Chinese Managers and Western Subordinates pdf

Margaret D’Silva, Kandi Walker & Joy Hart
The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Examining a Global Health Problem from Intercultural Communication Perspectives pdf

Gu Jiazu
Rhetorical Clash between Chinese and Westerners pdf

Brooks Hill & John McGrath
Communication within the Triadic Context: Intercultural Prospects pdf

Bates Hoffer
Communication within the Triadic Context: Intercultural Prospects pdf

Jia Yuixn & Jia Xuelai
Revisiting Ancient Linguistic Worldview: East vs. West; Dao vs. Logos pdf

Mihoko Kato
A Study of Notation and Sign Writing Systems for the Deaf pdf

John Maher
Multilingual Japan and the Borrowers of the Chuo Line pdf

Zoya Proshina
English as a Lingua Franca in Russia pdf

Junko Saruhashi
An Overview of Linguistic Issues in Japan: Exploring a Scheme for Diversified Linguistic Efforts Management pdf

Ayako Shibata
The Conceptualizations of English and English Education of Japanese University Students pdf

Robert St. Clair
Social Scripts and the Three Theoretical Approaches to Culture pdf

Yuko Takeshita
The Extremely Short Story Competition (ESSC): A Successful Case in Japan pdf

Judy Yoneoka
Presents of Mind Rewrapped: A Study of Hybridization Processes in Japanese Renditions of English Haiku pdf

Hiroshi Yoshikawa
International Intelligibility in World Englishes: Focusing on Idiomatic Expressions pdf