ICS 2002 VOL 11 NO 3

Robert N. St. Clair
Metaphorical Blends, Recruited Frames and Metaphors across Cultures pdf

Rodolfo Jacobson
Broadening Language Use Options in Formal Discourse: The Malaysian Experience pdf

Nobuyuki Honna
Developing an International Joint Course pdf

James F. Brennan
A Doctoral Program in the Humanities, with Concentrations in Aesthetics and Creativity and Studies in Culture: A Distance Education Model pdf

Jia Yuxin & Sun Benqing
Contrastive Study of the Ancient Chinese and Western Linguistic Worldview pdf

Changfu Chang & Yihai Chen
The Western Computer and the Chinese Character: Recent Debates on Chinese Writing Reform pdf

Normand Labrie
Immigration and the Transformation of the French-language Communities in Toronto pdf

Lydia Sciriha
The Rise of Maltese in Malta: Social and Educational Perspectives pdf

Hong Gao
Language Contact - Misunderstanding, Confusion and Conflicts pdf

Hong Lei & António Moreira
Is Chinese Impossible to Learn? -- An Initiation into Chinese pdf

Cecilia B. Ikeguchi
Awareness of the Non-Verbal Behaviour Unique to Japanese Culture: A Key to Successful Communication pdf

Song Li & Liu Lida
Apologies in Chinese and English-A Research Report pdf

Beverley Elsom Lafaye & Sanae Tsuda
Attitudes towards English Language Learning in Higher Education in Japan, and the Place of English in Japanese Society pdf

Lin Yupeng
Understanding Words and their Global Meaning in the Intercultural Context in Poetry Translation pdf

Chen Yihai
Wanli Donglai, Laixiang Yinzheng--Tian Ru Yin Yanjiu (The Correlation between the West and the East —A Study of Tian Ru Yin) pdf