ICS 2006 VOL 15 NO 2

Bertha Du-Babcock
An Analysis of Language Use and Topic Management in Business Decision-Making Meetings pdf

Ruth Vila Banos
Intercultural Sensitivity of Teenagers: A Study of Educational Necessities in Catalonia pdf

Richard Bello, J. Donald Ragsdale, Frances E. Brandau-Brown, & Terry Thibodeaux
Cultural Perceptions of Equivocation and Directness II: A Replication and Extension of the Dimensional Hypothesis pdf

Joanne Mundorf & Guo-Ming Chen
Transculturation of Visual Signs: A Case Analysis of the Swastika pdf

Adriana Gomez-Aiza, Marina Alonso-Bolanos, & Odilon Moreno-Rangel
Multi-Cultural into Question pdf 

Qingwen Dong, Dean Phillip Gundlach, & John C. Phillips
The Impact of Bicultural Identity on Immigrant Socialization through Television Viewing in the United States pdf

María Alicia Peredo Merlo
Reading Identity and Self-Help Texts pdf

Julie E. Berman, Margaret U. D’Silva, Stuart L. Esrock, Joy L. Hart, & Greg B. Leichty
Sinister Forces, Goons, and Fanatics: Metaphors of Blame in News Coverage of Church Bombings in India pdf

Joanna Radwanska-Williams & Leonard Polakiewicz
Polish-English Bilingualism: A Case Study in Individual Language Shift pdf

Lida Liu & Qi Xiukun
An Examination of EFL Written Discourse Development pdf

Lyall Crawford
Ethographic Fiction pdf

Ali Saif Al-Aufi
Transforming Information Societies: Report on Survey Investigating the Use of Networked Information for Research and Scholarly Communication at SQU, Oman pdf

Tim Walters, Stephen Quinn, & Adel Jendli
A New Roadmap to Life: Media, Culture, and Modernity in the United Arab Emirates pdf

Diana Sagastegui
Weaving the Global Culture: Social and Electronic Networks in the Zapatista Movement pdf

Wallace Chuma
The Limits and Possibilities of Virtual Political Communication in Transforming South Africa: A Case Study of ANC Today and SA Tod pdf

Ying Kong & Guizhi Wang
The Effect of Hypermedia upon the Notion of Nation and Culture: A Space of Flows in Ondaatje’s The English Patient pdf

Cathy P.S. Ma
The Social, Cultural and Economic Implications of the Wikipedia pdf

Jen-Yi Chen
The Technologization of Femininity: The Perfection of Ageing Through Science pdf

Ming-Hsin Lee
The Production of Medical News pdf

Mónica Inés Cejas 
Tourism in Shantytowns and Slums: A New “Contact Zone” in the Era of Globalization pdf

Sarah Corona & Rebeca Perez-Daniel
Towards a Concept of Interculturality Based on Praxis: The Seminar and the Youth Library pdf

Brandy Fair
“Been There, Survived That”; Emotional Labor and the Dual Role of Counselor / Survivor: An Examination of Counselors’ Narratives and Methods pdf