ICS 2008 VOL 17 NO 2

Noboyuki Honna
English across Cultures and Intercultural Awareness pdf

Steve Kulich
Getting the Big Picture on Chinese Values: Developing Approaches to Study the Shifting Core of Chinese Culture pdf

Yuxin Jia
The Body in Chinese Characters and Philosophy — The Experiential Nature of Chinese Philosophy pdf

Svetlana Ter-Minasova
War and Peace of Languages and Cultures? pdf

Xiaosui Xiao
Ancient Greek and Chinese Patterns of Definition: A Comparative Study pdf

Zonglin Chang
Cultural Schemata and Poetry Reading pdf

Zoya Proshina
Translating a Non-Native Speaker pdf

L. P. Bondarenko
Bridging the Gap between the International and the National pdf

Liping Weng
Revisiting Chinese Values Through Self-generated Proverbs and Sayings pdf

Changyuan Liu & Song Wang
Socio-cultural Impacts on Communication Slips pdf

Xuerui Jia & Furong Huang
A Contrastive Study of Requests in Chinese and American Cultures pdf

Tong Yu & Guo-Ming Chen
Intercultural Sensitivity and Conflict Management Styles in Cross-Cultural Organizational Situations pdf

Qingwen Dong, Randall Koper & Christine Collaco
Social Intelligence, Self-esteem, and Intercultural Communication Sensitivity pdf

Xingsong Shi
Breaking The Silence and Coming out of the Shadow — An Observation on Intercultural Construction of Interactive Norms in Second Language Literacy Events pdf

Suke Chen
Shanghai’s New Generation Rural Migrant Workers: An Intercultural Communication Perspective pdf

Justina Cheang
Choice of Foreign Names as a Strategy for Identity Management pdf

Dawei Wang
Globalization of the Media: Does It Undermine National Cultures? pdf

Sedigheh Babran
Media, Globalization of Culture, and Identity Crisis in Developing Countries pdf

Stephanie Houghton
Harmony versus Critical Cultural Awareness: A Case Study of Intercultural Language Education in Japan pdf

Larry Ling-hsuan Tung
Rural and Urban Dynamics in Taiwan New Wave Cinema — A Comparative Study of Films by Hou Hsiao-hsien and Edward Yang pdf

Emma Rui Martin del Campo
Intercultural Psychotherapy: Different Models and Strategies for Creating an Interpersonal Relationship beyond Cultures pdf

Bernd Kupka & Andre Everett
Far and Away – Facilitating Employee International Assignments with the Intercultural Knowledge Scale (ICKS) pdf

Xiuying Li
Writing Sima Qian’s Rhetorical Style into English — On Burton Watson’s Translation of Shi Ji (Records of the Grand Historian) pdf

Xurong Kong
Military Uniform as a Fashion during the Cultural Revolution pdf

Mei Zhang
Rhetoric in the Service of Reform: A Study of Chinese Discourse in Transition pdf